Thursday, 31 May 2012

day 8 - May 31

Day 8.  Button.

Taking pictures of buttons is fun! :)  My family does think that I am a little bit crazy though ;) 

On another note... I watched the movie 'Soul Surfer' again today and I really enjoyed it... Watching the part where the shark takes her arm and then the aftermath (ambulance, hospital, etc.), was a bit hard because it brought back the memories of getting hit by the car. (Basically I was bawling my eyes out.)  But then the rest of the story was really encouraging and I am really glad that I watched it :)  It was a great reminder that God is always in charge and that He can make good come of anything.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

day 7 - May 30

Day 7.  10am.

I decided to do two in one day to catch up. :)  I am just cheating all over the place with this photo a day thing. ;)

I wasn't sure what to take a picture of for this day...  Lately at 10am I am not really doing much :)  A little bit of work on my computer or watching TV but nothing that is photo worthy.  So I decided to keep it simple and just take a picture of my breakfast tray. :)

the remains of my breakfast 

day 6 - May 30

Day 6.  Flowers.

Well, I missed a day, again and now I am going to use an old picture, again...  But that is ok :)

I took these pictures around this time last year of the apple and crabapple tree blossoms in my backyard.  I would have taken new ones but walking on a flat surface is hard enough these days, there is no way I am going to try tromping around in the grass :)

Enjoy :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

day 5 - May 28

Day 5. A stranger.

Well, I haven't been getting out much these days, so I am going to use a old picture again.
A few actually, of some street performers in Spain. :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

day 4 - May 27

Day 4.  Hands.

I know, I know. Late again :)

So, I tried out a new nail design and I thought that it would be a fun focus for today's picture.
I was having trouble with my camera... I really hope that you can see the details ok :)

I didn't think to follow my progress as I was doing my nails, but I looked around on Youtube and found this tutorial and SimpleLittlePleasures channel has some great tutorials as well.  Enjoy! :)

Nail polish that I used:  pink: Zoya Persiphony, blue: Rimmel London Denim Dreams, and the gold is just a no name brand that I picked up in Spain.  :)


I figured out my camera so here are some pictures with more detail. :)

Friday, 25 May 2012

day 3 - May 25

Day 3.  Words.

So I am fully aware of the fact that I missed one day :P  Sorry! :)
But I am just going to pretend that it never happened and continue from here :)  Hopefully this is the last time I forget!

So, for a picture of words I decided to take a picture of my Bible.  I am currently doing a Beth Moore study on the fruit of the spirit, and one of the verses for this week was one of my all time favourites.  The study this week was all on peace which was a bit ironic considering how stressful my week has been :)

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  

Philippians 4:7

I also thought I would be fun to add some of my favourite quotes :)  They count as words right? :)



(This last one is a quote from River Tam on Firefly)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

day 2 - May 23

Day 2.  Something you are listening to.

So, I discovered the British boy band One Direction a few weeks ago, and they have turned into my 'go to' music for everything.  My family has been giving me quite the ribbing for liking boy band music, but there you go :)  I need something light in my life right now :)

One Direction 

Well, today turned out to be a very 'ish' day.  I was hit by a car two months ago in Spain and I'm still trying to figure out the aftermath... I hurt my knee really badly, and today I found out that it is a lot worse than I thought it was which pretty much totally sucked :P  

But other then that it was just kind of normal... I slept in (I've been doing that a lot lately :) It's not like I have anywhere I need to be first thing in the morning), and then just did my thing for the rest of the day. :)  I did some catching up with a friend of mine which was pretty awesome. :) Somehow we hadn't managed to connect since I have been home so it was really nice to just talk for a while. :)

Disclaimer:  I just realized that I used ridiculous amount of emoticons in this post :)  Sorry!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

day 1 - May 22

Day 1.  Your reflection :)  


I think that I might be cheating a bit with this one... It is an old picture but I liked it so much :)

Photo a day

I have decided to do a photo a day challenge for thirty days... Partly just because I think that it will be fun and because I think it will be a great way to work on improving my photography :)

Emily's photo a day challenge:

1. Your reflection
2. Something you are listening to
3. Words
4. Hands
5. A stranger
6. Flowers
7. 10am
8. Button
9. Blue
10. A front door
11. Self portrait
12. Something that makes you happy
13. Sunshine
14. Fruit or Vegetable
15. Something new
16. Time
17. Drink
18. Something you hate
19. Your shoes
20. Your view today
21. Green
22. Something you ate
23. Money
24. Hair
25. Looking down
26. Cold
27. Shadow
28. What you are reading
29. Water
30. Something you miss

So excited!  The question is though... will I remember?

Well not today....

Well today I had a bit of a meltdown.... At first I literally couldn't do anything so being bedridden all the time was not that bad but I am reaching the point where I just really wish I could walk around normally and the uncertainty is really killing me... when I know for sure what is wrong with my knee I will at least be able to deal with it but right now it is just kind of there all the time hanging over us.
It is hard enough to adjust back into Canadian culture and to living at home again without this as well and I have the unfortunate tendency to just say that I am fine until I finally snap... well today I snapped and I think that it is a good thing that I did... I was even convincing myself that I was fine when really... I am not fine at all.

Anyway, like I said I think that it was good for me... kind of cleared the air you know?