Sunday, 20 September 2015


This made me happy :)

Happy Thanksgiving to any fellow Canadians out there!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Random Links & Stuff (v.3)

So summer is over again and last week I started my 4th year of university...  It is crazy to think that in just 8 short months I am going to be graduating and this chapter of my life will be over! 

The whole process of university has been such a time of personal change for me but at the same time I do really feel like the same little Emily who walked into that big lecture hall 3 years ago...  I am excited to see what this year and the rest of the future bring... I'm sure it will be a wild ride!

In the meantime... Here are a few things that I have been enjoying recently:

These spaces are beautiful.

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan then you need to read this.  Some concerns about Sauron's battle plan.

Ok so I'm may be a bit of a wimp but I can't help but feel sorry for the poor ants...  Super cool though!  But, would you want it in your house?

I have been working on figuring out what my personal style actually looks like lately...  Right now it is looking a lot like this:


Not that different from what I usually wear, but I have found that having a visual of something that I like and know looks good on me really helps for those days that I feel like I don't have anything to wear!  If you are interested in seeing more of my inspirations you can check out my style board here.

 Are you right-brained or left-brained?  This 30 second quiz will help you find out!  Unsurprisingly, I am an almost exact 50/50 split :)

What would you add to this list of things to teach your daughter?  What would a list of your son look like?

This is such a cute project!  It also looks like it would be pretty fast which is my favourite kind of project!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, 6 March 2015


How much is personal expression and how much is facade?

How much of what we are, and do, and see, and wear, and how we do our hair, and where we send our kids to school, and who we choose to be our friends is really us?

How much of it is planted in out heads by the media, and the 'world views' that are constantly being streamed in to our heads?

And, even ignoring that, how much of it is our innate desire to 'fit in', to 'blend' with the people around us?  To not stand out as 'different'?

When I choose what I am going to wear in the morning how much of what I like is really my subconscious analyzing the world around me and telling me what will make me look the most like everyone else?  Is this concept of individuality really real or is it just something that we have come up with to make ourselves feel better and unique?

How much of how I react to the people around me and how I act in my everyday life is really me and how much of it is how I have been shaped by my environment?

How is anyone really a person without their environment to shape them?

How often do we inadvertently hurt the people around us just because we don't understand their environment and way of thinking?

How often do we deliberately hurt people just because we don't understand their environment and way of thinking?


Why is it so important?

How much of that desire is just everything around us telling us to be the same, to not stand out?  Do we have that desire because we know that to stand out will cause us pain?  Or does standing out cause us pain because we have been told that it will?

Will this ever really change? Or will the only change be what we identify as different?

Friday, 20 February 2015

what I'm listening to right now...

So I appear to be listening to a lot of British musicians lately...  maybe this is a thing?  Who knows :)

Also, lots and lots of indie... Because that is a thing and it never changes :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Life lately/Winter

So I just realized that I never did a wrap up post for Guatemala.  You know,  the post that goes: "I got home safe, now here is a beautiful wrap up of the whole month".  Well here I am so obviously I got home safe :)  And, maybe sometime in the future I will find the time and energy to do a full recap (probably not :) ), but in the meantime I will just say that the whole experience was wonderful and that the last week was full of laughter and tears and went by much too fast.

Currently I am surviving  my third year of university (which is doing its utmost to kill me slowly) and trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do for the rest of my life (light stuff).  But right now I'm on reading week so all of that is on hold :)

I have also started crocheting and knitting as much as I possibly can, lighting a billion and one candles every night, and drinking more tea than is humanly possible (except that it obviously is) all of which is really helping with the stress :)

So, here is a little bit of my life lately:

My 22nd birthday was yesterday which means that now this song can be the soundtrack of my life (except maybe not :) )

Forever Amber is my favourite blog to read any time.  She always makes me laugh and I looove how she dresses :)  Meg Fee is another of my favourite bloggers..  Her words are so beautiful.

I recently discovered 8 Tracks which is an awesome music sharing type place that I love :)
(If you're interested, here is the playlist that I am listening to while I write this).

Also, this because space is cool :)

And, here are 27 picture to restore your faith in humanity (and maybe make you cry), and here are 29 people to crush that hope (but maybe make you laugh).

I am really wanting to travel right now...  nowhere in particular.. just everywhere!  So I occasionally do searches that go something like "student travel" travelling on a student budget" or "working vacation".  So far all the options those bring up still require money to get where I'm going so it looks like I will be staying home this summer...  Oh well, a girl can dream :)  

I am definitely going to try to make these sometime soon!

Annnd, I have started some choreography again so I have been watching a bunch of dance stuff and this improv is just gorgeous.

ALSO, (sorry got a little excited there :) ), also, this is the 150th post on this blog!!  I feel like that is a pretty big accomplishment!

Finally, it has been pretty cold here this winter and this is what I have been looking like when I catch the bus in the morning :)

Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Guatemala - July 20th

It has been another busy week here! I finally feel like I am beginning to figure some stuff out and build relationships with all of these awesome kids and my time here is almost at an end!  How is that even fair :(

Without focusing on the unfairness of it all, this week was really great :)  I taught the Nutrition section of my four week 'healthy living' course that I have been doing at youth group in the villages and I think that it was the best yet!  I think that is partly due to the fact that I know the kids a little better now and partly due to the fact that my Spanish has improved a bit since I first got here :)

I also did my first full week of teaching at CETEDI which was definitely not without its struggles but rewarding at the same time as I get to know the kids and see them improve :)

On Sunday I finally got to see a real market day here in Sumpango which is crazy and so much fun!

One of the games for my Nutrition course was Pictionary where all the kids had to draw a food and then we would talk about if that food was healthy or not and why... It was a big hit and everyone got really into it.  Some of these kids are competitive!

I also met this little sweetheart at one of the villages...  Can you feel the cuteness!?!

In Santa Marta we introduced Russian Soccer which is soccer with three balls that all have different rules (girls only, boys only, hands only, etc.) It was a big hit!

On Thursday my grade 4-6 English class moved outside...  The view was pretty great :)

They all picked me flowers...

And what boy doesn't like running around outside :)

Everyday at recess there is a giant soccer game in the courtyard...  It can get pretty intense!

I also taught a hybrid nutrition/hygiene talk at the school on Friday... Amoeba was a hit :)

After class on Friday some of the kids walked me home... I cannot get over the sky here!

And on Saturday (yesterday) we went to the beach passing several volcanos on the way...  This one is Agua which is dormant

And this is Fuego which is not.  The pink that you can see there is cooling rock!

The beach was pretty epic and I only got a little sunburn :)

Life is rough...

It was very interesting to see the change in landscape as we dropped 6500ft in only two hours!

It was like being transported from BC to Florida.

This morning I had a lesson planning/chillout session on the roof as I prepare for another week of teaching and fun!

And that is it for now!  It feels completely surreal that this is my last week here and that I have been here for close to a month now... In some ways it feels like I have been here forever but I mostly feel like I have just started my adventure...  I am trying to savour each moment as I look forward to the new adventures that this week will bring.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Guatemala - July 13

This past week was if anything more hectic than my first week here!  With the team here from Brampton each day felt super packed as we did what sometimes felt like three days in one!  Luckily I am finally feeling better again and I was able to take part in all the fun and games :)

The class that I was teaching in youth group this week was on Hygiene so we handed out little packages with toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and a washcloth.  It was fun to see the kids going through their ‘regalos’ (gifts).

We drove around in a bus all week and the kids thought that it was great fun to hang off the back :)

This is what our bus looked like from the front...

We had a kick off event on Thursday in a village called Las Flores where Gerry and Barb are just starting out with youth group.  Everyone had a great time as we played pool noodle lacrosse and pretzel and then the kids made a craft with a little bit about themselves and their favourite things.  This will help Barb and Gerry to figure out their demographic for the village as well as help them to keep all the kids straight :) 

We finished the day off with a couple of pinatas...

On Friday we took the morning off and went to play tourist in Antigua.  It was lots of fun and very relaxing but it was a bit of a strange change of pace to be shopping up a storm after seeing the poverty of the villages.

We also took the time to visit some beautiful ruins that made me wish I had a real camera and a a few hours to explore!

This week I am looking forward to things being a little bit quieter, hanging out with the kids, teaching my Nutrition section at youth group, and having a normal week of teaching English at CETEDI :)  

Monday, 7 July 2014

Guatemala - July 7th

I have a ton of pictures this week so I will try not to write too much!

I had a great week starting to teach English at the school and teaching a lesson on active living three times in different villages for youth group :)   It was a lot of names to learn! I am still figuring out a few of them but I think that I am doing pretty well considering :)

I was super sick for a couple of days with the altitude which was hard but I seem to be mostly better now which is great!

A team from Canada (Heart Lake Baptist Church) also arrived on Friday so it has been a full house!   It has been fun to have more people around though :)

And now on to the pictures!

First some pictures of the villages where Barb and Gerry have youth group:

We played some soccer ...
The field was just your average field ... farmers, large dogs... 
And a view like this is just normal...

In another village we had to climb down this hill to get to the field 
Everyone got there ok :) 
Then we climbed back up the hill to play some pool noodle lacrosse
After all that hard work a snack is 'muy importante'
These beautiful girls are 9 years old and collect 13 jugs of water like this every day....  On their down time they collect wood and look after their siblings. 
And of course here we have a casual vista on the way back to the house...
And another...

More soccer!  In this village we played girls vs guys
And another snack time :)
 On Wednesday we went into Antigua and had a super delicious meal

That finished off with passionfruit creme brulee

And now for some pictures of random stuff:


A school we visited (not the one that I am teaching at)
And of course some random chickens... 
Three volcanoes in the background and the foundation for a new home in the foreground



Do you see that plume of smoke right there?  That my friends is an active volcano!

And finishing with a bit more casual scenery: