Sunday, 15 February 2015

Life lately/Winter

So I just realized that I never did a wrap up post for Guatemala.  You know,  the post that goes: "I got home safe, now here is a beautiful wrap up of the whole month".  Well here I am so obviously I got home safe :)  And, maybe sometime in the future I will find the time and energy to do a full recap (probably not :) ), but in the meantime I will just say that the whole experience was wonderful and that the last week was full of laughter and tears and went by much too fast.

Currently I am surviving  my third year of university (which is doing its utmost to kill me slowly) and trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do for the rest of my life (light stuff).  But right now I'm on reading week so all of that is on hold :)

I have also started crocheting and knitting as much as I possibly can, lighting a billion and one candles every night, and drinking more tea than is humanly possible (except that it obviously is) all of which is really helping with the stress :)

So, here is a little bit of my life lately:

My 22nd birthday was yesterday which means that now this song can be the soundtrack of my life (except maybe not :) )

Forever Amber is my favourite blog to read any time.  She always makes me laugh and I looove how she dresses :)  Meg Fee is another of my favourite bloggers..  Her words are so beautiful.

I recently discovered 8 Tracks which is an awesome music sharing type place that I love :)
(If you're interested, here is the playlist that I am listening to while I write this).

Also, this because space is cool :)

And, here are 27 picture to restore your faith in humanity (and maybe make you cry), and here are 29 people to crush that hope (but maybe make you laugh).

I am really wanting to travel right now...  nowhere in particular.. just everywhere!  So I occasionally do searches that go something like "student travel" travelling on a student budget" or "working vacation".  So far all the options those bring up still require money to get where I'm going so it looks like I will be staying home this summer...  Oh well, a girl can dream :)  

I am definitely going to try to make these sometime soon!

Annnd, I have started some choreography again so I have been watching a bunch of dance stuff and this improv is just gorgeous.

ALSO, (sorry got a little excited there :) ), also, this is the 150th post on this blog!!  I feel like that is a pretty big accomplishment!

Finally, it has been pretty cold here this winter and this is what I have been looking like when I catch the bus in the morning :)

Have a great week everyone!!

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