Monday, 14 July 2014

Guatemala - July 13

This past week was if anything more hectic than my first week here!  With the team here from Brampton each day felt super packed as we did what sometimes felt like three days in one!  Luckily I am finally feeling better again and I was able to take part in all the fun and games :)

The class that I was teaching in youth group this week was on Hygiene so we handed out little packages with toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and a washcloth.  It was fun to see the kids going through their ‘regalos’ (gifts).

We drove around in a bus all week and the kids thought that it was great fun to hang off the back :)

This is what our bus looked like from the front...

We had a kick off event on Thursday in a village called Las Flores where Gerry and Barb are just starting out with youth group.  Everyone had a great time as we played pool noodle lacrosse and pretzel and then the kids made a craft with a little bit about themselves and their favourite things.  This will help Barb and Gerry to figure out their demographic for the village as well as help them to keep all the kids straight :) 

We finished the day off with a couple of pinatas...

On Friday we took the morning off and went to play tourist in Antigua.  It was lots of fun and very relaxing but it was a bit of a strange change of pace to be shopping up a storm after seeing the poverty of the villages.

We also took the time to visit some beautiful ruins that made me wish I had a real camera and a a few hours to explore!

This week I am looking forward to things being a little bit quieter, hanging out with the kids, teaching my Nutrition section at youth group, and having a normal week of teaching English at CETEDI :)  

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