Monday, 7 July 2014

Guatemala - July 7th

I have a ton of pictures this week so I will try not to write too much!

I had a great week starting to teach English at the school and teaching a lesson on active living three times in different villages for youth group :)   It was a lot of names to learn! I am still figuring out a few of them but I think that I am doing pretty well considering :)

I was super sick for a couple of days with the altitude which was hard but I seem to be mostly better now which is great!

A team from Canada (Heart Lake Baptist Church) also arrived on Friday so it has been a full house!   It has been fun to have more people around though :)

And now on to the pictures!

First some pictures of the villages where Barb and Gerry have youth group:

We played some soccer ...
The field was just your average field ... farmers, large dogs... 
And a view like this is just normal...

In another village we had to climb down this hill to get to the field 
Everyone got there ok :) 
Then we climbed back up the hill to play some pool noodle lacrosse
After all that hard work a snack is 'muy importante'
These beautiful girls are 9 years old and collect 13 jugs of water like this every day....  On their down time they collect wood and look after their siblings. 
And of course here we have a casual vista on the way back to the house...
And another...

More soccer!  In this village we played girls vs guys
And another snack time :)
 On Wednesday we went into Antigua and had a super delicious meal

That finished off with passionfruit creme brulee

And now for some pictures of random stuff:


A school we visited (not the one that I am teaching at)
And of course some random chickens... 
Three volcanoes in the background and the foundation for a new home in the foreground



Do you see that plume of smoke right there?  That my friends is an active volcano!

And finishing with a bit more casual scenery:

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