Thursday, 29 August 2013

Random Links & Stuff (v.1)

Sorry that I went AWOL for a bit... Life caught up with me and I just didn't have the time or energy for blogging :P   Buuut, hopefully I am back now :)  I do say hopefully though because school is starting back up again this weekend so we will see how that goes... I am going to aim for once a week :) 

So, anyway, here are some of my favourite links from around the web: 

This is insanely cool and slightly addicting.  (if you hang in for a bit you get different colours :))

These colourized photos are a teensy bit mind blowing.

This post on marriage is great.

This guy is my daily wind down.

Although I had my doubts after Selena Gomez released 'Come and Get It' (not that it wasn't catchy, it just made me a bit uncomfortable :P ), I really like this one so we might be ok again :)

And, this short made me laugh.

And, finally, this random picture of a canal in Amsterdam.

Happy almosttheweekend everyone!

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