Friday, 29 March 2013

Perfect is boring

Why is being perfect such a goal in our society?  Even the people or things that are held up as our unattainable mark of perfection are so far from perfect.  So why pretend that they are?

I guess that what I am trying to say is that I hate it that the media says we all need to look the same all the time and they keep switching around what that sameness is... it is so confusing if you try to keep up with it and just so arbitrary.  What is it?  Some person in an office somewhere says that this is 'the next big thing' and all of a sudden it is?  Or are there a few people who are influential enough to pull everyone else with their whims and ideas?  And why do we follow?  Because we all do to some degree or another.  We are all shaped by this intangible,  unachievable idea of beauty.   It shapes how we look at everyone around us and what we choose to wear in the morning, it shapes the music we listen to and how we spend our money.  And that is a scary thought.

This is something that I have really been struggling with for the last year... What is beauty?  Why does something need to be perfect to be beautiful?  I think that often the thing that makes something so beautiful is its imperfections because those 'imperfections' make it different...  Beauty to me is not something that is plastic and always the same, beauty is alive and always changing, it can something that you stumble upon unexpectedly or something that you see everyday across the table. But, it is different for everyone.  And that is why it is so powerful.

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