Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Backyard vacation

This afternoon I decided that I was going to take a little vacation.  In my backyard.  Seeing as there is no way I can go to the beach or the pool this year with my knee the way it is, much less go jet setting off on some amazing summer vacation... I thought that I would make the most of what I have.  I have done this before, but this time I thought I would take some pictures and share with you what I consider the perfect elements for a relaxing backyard vacation :) 

1. A big floppy hat, sunglasses and a good book.

2. A vacation spot.  A lounge chair, a hammock, or even a blanket on the grass... Whatever works for you!

3. Music!  Make sure to wear headphones though or keep the volume down...  I have had some neighbours who thought that the whole neighbourhood would like to listen to their music as well... all day. Not cool.  

4.Happy face! If you don't act like you are on vacation you won't feel like you are on vacation ;) 

Other randomness:

-Don't forget to wear sunscreen!

-This can be improved upon by food and drink... I suggest lemon water, sangria, frozen fruit, Pringles, popsicles...whatever your heart desires.  Remember, you're on vacation ;)  (for those of you that are wondering, I just had bottled water and gum today... not the most exciting but I went outside between lunch and supper so I wasn't that hungry :))

-Ignore your phone!  Treat it like a real vacation otherwise it doesn't work.

And, that's how I do a backyard vacation :)  Have a great night everyone!

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