Thursday, 19 July 2012

Random and disjointed ramblings...

Right now I am sitting in my bed looking out the window at the bits of trees and sunshine that are within my view, and listening to my mom, dad and aunt give a 'space lift' to our back hall (otherwise known as the black hole :)).

I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon in a week and even though I have been waiting three months for this I am nervous.  Is that strange?

I have been watching the Gilmore Girls lately and entirely enjoying it :)  They talk so fast and drink so much coffee :)

Maybe I am on a 'girly but not pink' kick because I have also been reading a lot of Ally Carter and Sarah Dessen...

Speaking of reading I just read the Percy Jackson series and I totally loved it :) It was modern but they didn't mess with the myths which is very important.

Because, I really, really hate it when they mess with stuff that was perfectly fine to begin with.

Last night I spoke only Spanish for like half an hour which would have been great except that no one in my family had any idea what I was saying ;)  I am starting to lose it though and I am sad about that...  There are some words that I reach for but can't quite remember.

We have family over, and this morning for no reason at all my cousins came over and gave me hugs...  best thing ever :)

Even though it is Thursday I feel like it is still Wednesday... It is like the sleep in the middle never happened... Maybe that is why I am so dozy today ;)

I feel a bit weird about putting this out there but it makes me feel better to write it...

I will be happy beyond belief when I can wear something other than leggings to exit the house.

I feel like I have kind of been dancing around the fact that I am injured and I feel like I should explain it but I don't even know where to start...

I found the most amazing earrings a few weeks ago and they are still making me happy :)

Now that I have started this stream of consciousness thing I have no idea how to end it...

But I feel like it is getting a bit long so I am going to say goodbye now...

...Bye :)

p.s. If you actually read all of that randomness then I am amazed. :)

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