Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A short but serious post

Here's the thing.  I started this blog so that I would have a place to just talk about whatever I wanted to. To vent if I had a bad day or, I don't know, talk about eyeshadow and the financial state of the world at the same time if I wanted to.  But then something weird happened:  People started reading my blog!  So I kind of freaked out and was all like: 'Wow, now I need to be a real blogger and make sense and post all the time'.  And that of course led to posting hardly at all and finally not posting at all for a week.  Which makes no sense whatsoever because I started this blog so that I would have an outlet and cutting myself off from that just because of some sort of weird restriction that I am placing on myself about what is a real blog and what is not.  So, I am going to try really hard to just write normally...  Which will not be everyday and will not be great all the time but I will be writing for myself and enjoying it :)  And who knows it may just end up being fabulous after all ;)

Please don't read this and think that in any way I am saying that I don't like people reading my blog because that is not what I am trying to say at all.  It is just a bit overwhelming :)

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