Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Social - August 5

Sunday Social

Linking up with Sunday Social again! 

1. What is your favorite Fall activity?

Anything to do with leaves... I even like raking them ;)

2. Do you follow a football team? If so which one and why?

I don't follow football.  But if I were to watch then I guess any of the Canadian teams would work.

3. What is something fun about Fall in your area?

I don't know that we have anything that is particularly special... But I personally think that the leaves on my part of the world are some of the best :)

4. Fav Fall outfit staples?

Tall brown boots, blazers, scarves, jeans ... 

5. Thing you are looking forward to most about this coming Fall season?

Well, I really hope that I will starting university and I am pretty excited about that :)  

6. Favorite Fall holiday? Traditions?

Thanksgiving.  Turkey and pumpkin pie with mounds of whipped cream :)

And that is it for now :)  Next week is all about food and I may be just a bit too excited about it ;)  
I am going to watch the men's 100m final now... 
Have a great Sunday! :)

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  1. thanksgiving is a great holiday :)

    i love brown boots + jeans + sweaters + scarf!

    happy sunday!