Thursday, 7 June 2012

day 14 - June 7

Day 14.  Fruit or Vegetable.

So, I didn't forget to post yesterday... It was a conscious choice on my part.  I was just too tired to deal with it and as this blog is supposed to be fun, I thought I would just move yesterday's post to today :)

Salad and celery for supper :)

When I found out that I was going to be in bed for awhile (obviously I didn't know it would be this long :P), I cut wheat and processed sugar from my diet so that I could avoid blowing up like a balloon ;)
My body is a bit strange; as long as I exercise I can eat whatever I want, but the moment I stop exercising I am in big trouble (no pun intended :)).
So, I have been eating really healthy lately and I think that it has really helped me.  Not just in lack of weight gain but also my attitude and outlook on the whole situation :)  I still really wish that I could do some form of exercise though!

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