Wednesday, 27 June 2012

day 24 - June 27

Day 24.  Hair.

Sorry for my extended absence!  This weekend was really crazy.  We had company and there was a lot going on... I decided that it was more important to spend time with my family than to try (and probably fail ;)) to say something that made sense everyday :)

First off you have to know that I love my hair.  It is probably the thing I like most about myself. :) And today I braided it around my head which is one of my favorite ways to wear it.  So, prepare for a photo overload :)

From the front:

 And the back:

 And close up:

My hair is fairly fine but I have a lot of it, and it is currently pretty long so I don't do this too, too, often :)  It takes time and only stays up when my hair is wet... The upside though is that tomorrow it will be all pretty and wavy :)  

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